Woodworking Tools from Classic to Modern

Many thousands of years ago, a species of primate which appeared to look somewhat like man, began to appear. This is understood. It is also understood they had woodworking tools buried with them. Here is a clear demonstration of how our ancestors understood the importance of using tools to help build structures and create safe homes. It is fantastic news because it means they intellectually understood how to support their families from a very early period of time. They focused, and helped one another to build a communal structure through trades such as woodworking and tool-making.

This massive effort has led to the full and blooming world of marketable woodworking history for everyone to choose from. Just leap on over to the big markets to get an idea, but the real work is probably going to be found in the smaller shops around the town. Many people who work with wood do it from their homes and they don’t really have a lot of ways to market or sell their brands or their work. They buy and sell by word of mouth. Even workers with fine woodworking tools have to operate in the world this way at times.

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Yet it all comes around in the end because the old tools fashion the new and the new fashion the next. The art and crafting which yields from this persistent and seemingly timeless practice is not lent the credit it should be lent, as this woodworking has literally built civilizations and generations.

It may not always be the first thought to consider a rickety step so pleasant until it keeps you from falling and suddenly you have made a friend. We can see to work in the wood around us and let it inspire use to continue growing together.