Types of Knife Blade Edges

When shopping for a new knife, there are several different types and styles available for you to make your selection from. Each knife differs in size as well as bevel type. The bevel is the type of edge the blade has. Let’s take a look at some of the different bevel types that you’ll find available on knives. When you’re ready to purchase knives and sharpeners, make sure that you keep this information in mind.

Chisel Bevel: The chisel bevel features a one-sided blade that is ground down, with the other side flat. This results in a sharp edge. You’ll find this style on many culinary knives.

Flat Bevel: A flat bevel is a knife that has a taper starting on the blade’s spine, and is very sharp. It takes a skilled hand to create a flat bevel, even as simple as the name seems.

Convex Bevel: The convex bevel is a knife that features a curving outward taper that makes it stronger and sharp. You can easily create the bevel using a sharpening stone, so consider it with your purchase.

Double Bevel: A double bevel is commonly featured on western style kitchen knives. The blade is thin, but a back bevel is added above the edge of the first bevel. It is strong and durable, but not as strong as some of the other types of bevels.

Sabre Bevel: The Sabre bevel is sometimes called the V bevel. It is similar in style to the flat bevel, except the taper begins around the middle of the blade rather than at the spine. This bevel is featured on many different types of kitchen knives and is enjoyed because of its durability and cutting power.


Before purchasing one, read top rated knife sharpener reviews online. And when purchasing knives and sharpeners, these bevel types are just some of the many that you can choose from. Which suit you needs the best?